A blockchain is a decentralized immutable ledger of events or transactions which allows multiple parties to share data confidently & securely through an agreed & automated consensus mechanism.


It is one of the greatest horizontal innovation cutting across industries defining new business models such as cryptocurrencies and eliminating intermediaries by building autmated trust.

Beyond the hype!

Blockchain is transforming many industries ranging from Agriculture to Finance, everyone is getting disrupted. Are you ready?

Blockchain consulting

From proof of concept to realizing full-scale potential of Blockchain for your enterprise, our team is ready to put you at the forefront.

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain is not only about cryptocurrency, beyond the hype, we help build enterprise grade blockchain solutions to solve business problems.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts, wallets and ledgers - we live and breath Blockchain!

Blockchain Use Cases

Blockhain is transforming almost every industry and a number of sectors are already reaping rewards from their investments in Blockchain technology.

Supply Chain

Providing end to end traceability across the Supply Chain maze!

Banking & payments

Imagine bringing billions of unbanked people into the banking system, sending payments across borders instantly, eliminating onerous auditing & regulatory processes by building automated trust!


From managing health records to sophisticated clinical trials, the blockchain will transform Healthcare industry in a number of ways.